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Communications Plan

March 2016


Provide information and guidance concerning the release of NASA's Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) policies and accomplishments.


Provide timely, relevant, and accurate internal and public information about NASA's small business programs. Ensure wide distribution of internal and public information through print, electronic, and Internet outlets, while ensuring that proper procurement and acquisition policies are followed.


The current Administration created the Small Business Procurement Group to ensure that Federal agencies meet the mandated prime and subcontracting small business goals. The key to achieving NASA's small business contracting goals is communication among NASA's leadership, senior officials, Center directors, and the Agency's workforce directly involved in the acquisition process.


NASA's Office of Communications (OCOMM) is the responsible staff office for internal and public release of information regarding Agency programs. OCOMM will use appropriate information and data supplied by OSBP for internal and external releases about small business programs, events, and success stories. OCOMM serves as the focal point for media queries about small business programs.

The OSBP Web site remains the primary repository of data about the Agency's various small business programs.

Key Information

The communication's posture for the small business program is active. Two letters will be sent each year regarding NASA's small business programs from:

  1. The Administrator
  2. The OSBP Associate Administrator and the Chief Acquisition Officer
    • OSBP and OCOMM will follow appropriate procurement and acquisition regulations when releasing any internal or external information.
    • OCOMM will primarily use internal electronic outlets as well as external outlets, as necessary, to distribute appropriate information provided by OSBP to selected NASA officials and employees; the effort will not duplicate OSBP Web site data.
  3. Two social media engagement activities will be organized twice a year, and they will feature:

  4. The Administrator or Deputy Administrator
  5. The OSBP Associate Administrator
    • The activities will be held on or around National Small Business Week and Small Business Saturday.
    • The featured dates will depend on when the Presidential proclamations are announced each year.


    • Act as the principal internal, media, and public release outlet, as appropriate, for Agency small business program information.
    • Respond to media queries about the program.
    • NASA Center communications offices provide similar support for local programs.
    • Determine the methods for internal and public release of program information.
    • Support OSBP social media outlets.
  • OSBP
    • Refer media queries about small business programs to NOC; or, if appropriate, respond immediately to routine requests for information.
    • Maintain OSBP Web site and social media operations, including, but not limited to, Twitter and Facebook.
    • Schedule senior NASA leadership for internal program presentations during Center visits and live and electronic conferences.
    • Develop quarterly podcasts with the NASA OSBP Associate Administrator to be featured on the OSBP Web page.
    • Provide NOC with timely information about successful or unique small business program achievements and key contracts.

Key Messages

  • NASA fully supports and assists small businesses in high-technology areas that include technology transfer and commercialization of technology.
  • The Agency provides all types of small businesses practical opportunities to participate in NASA prime contracts and subcontracts.
  • NASA is engaged and deeply committed to ensuring that all types of small businesses have a fair chance to participate in Agency contracting opportunities. Small business contracting is a high priority in the Agency's procurement process.
  • NASA provides the Agency's acquisition workforce training about new legislation, as it is issued, to remain current on the tools and small business contracting policies.
  • OSBP is committed to increasing and participating in small business networking and matchmaking events, as well as congressional, Federal, state, and local government small business outreach activities, conferences, training events, partnerships, and working groups.
  • OSBP will list planned outreach and small business training events on the OSBP Web site ( ) and the Federal Business Opportunities Web site (
  • OSBP will post small business success stories on the OSBP Web site.


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