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New NASA OSBP Mobile

OSBP moblie app iconNASA OSBP Mobile is the NASA Office of Small Business Program's official mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android devices. OSBP Mobile is designed as a user-friendly tool to learn how to do business with NASA and have all the required resources right at your fingertips. Key features will allow users to easily contact NASA Center Small Business Specialists, view Active Contract Listings, and find out when upcoming networking events are taking place.

New OSBP Mobile (iOS) Update Available


A new update to the iOS version of OSBP Mobile was recently released in the Apple App Store. It is version 2.2.0.

The new version has the following features:

  • Adds new onboarding screens to help set up your OSBP Mobile experience
  • Adds new filtering ability to the Active Contract and RFP Listings
  • Adds new help and tips area from the Settings Page
  • Adds new network diagnosis area from the Settings Page
  • Adds support for the latest iOS devices
  • General bug fixes and improvements

There are plans for newer Android and iOS versions later this year. They will contain even more new features. Stay Tuned!

If you have not downloaded the update yet, you can visit the App Store on your iOS device and update to the latest version.

The app is now available for download at the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Privacy Policy

NASA OSBP Mobile's Privacy Policy can be viewed at NASA OSBP Mobile Privacy Policy.

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