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Annual Symposium and Awards Ceremony

About the NASA Small Business Symposium

The NASA Small Business Symposium and Awards Ceremony provided opportunities for small businesses to network and learn about NASA programs and initiatives while also recognizing outstanding individuals and companies that support NASA in achieving its mission.

While the symposium program no longer exists, NASA continues to recognize civil servant and contractor support of the Agency’s small business program. To learn more about NASA’s small business awards, go to

NASA Small Business Awards Ceremony

The NASA Small Business Awards recognize outstanding contributions made by NASA employees as well as industry representatives in support of the Agency's small business program.

Small Business Advocates Awards (SBAA) are
made in four categories to NASA civil servants:

Small Business Specialist of the Year

Procurement Person (or Team) of the Year

Technical Person (or Team) of the Year

Program Person (or Team) of the Year

Small Business Industry Awards (SBIA) are
made in three categories to NASA contractors:

Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year

Small Business Subcontractor of the Year

Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year

Past Symposiums

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